Saving the world is fun!

Recycle your waste

Throw garbage into the separate waste bins with QR code sticker on them. Make your hometown and your planet cleaner!

Collect treasures

Win virtual treasures, earn rewards, achievements and experience points!

Get your prize!

Exchange treasures for the real prizes.


It's a cool mobile application that makes the saving of the world insanely entertaining, and also reward you with various benefits and really cool prizes. So, how about becoming a superhero?

How it works?

Just download the application (when the project will be launched) and act according to the scheme:

Scan the sticker on the urn

Find a trash bin with a special sticker. Run the application and scan QR-code.

And the barcode on the package

Scan the barcode of empty pack which you want to throw

Win a treasure!

If you're lucky, of course :) Anyway you'll get fair amount of experience points.

Choose your prize

Collect certain amount of treasures and exchange them for prizes.


Find a trash bin

Locate trash bin with QR code sticker easily. Also you can find here places where you can dispose of used batteries or mercury lamps, for example.

Over 9000

There are so many treasures and badges to collect!

Everyone will know

Doing good deeds, and no one notice? Now everyone will know!

Freedom of choice

Tired of winning useless junk? Now you can choose prizes yourself!

Real gangsta

Gather a gang of family and friends.

Use your brains

So, you think you're the smartest? We've got a lot of quests to test you.

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